Let the trumpets blare out in celebration of this varied flowering species. With their large trumpet-shaped flowers the size of dinner plates and a wide array of stunning colors, hibiscus adds a warm, vibrant touch to any garden space or patio. You can find perennial, hardy, shrub, and tropical hibiscus, but how do you know what variety will work best for you? Read on, noble hibiscus master in the making! Read on!

Discover What Hibiscus Variety Is Perfect for Your Long Island Garden 

Before running out to binge-shop hibiscus, let’s get to know the perfect flower for you, your hardiness zone, and your actual ability to keep these beauties alive. Get to know the needs of each variety of hibiscus first, ensuring your garden is the right fit. But rest assured, with their stunning colors, giant 6–10” sized blooms, and exuberant personalities, you’re bound to be the talk of the neighborhood with any hibiscus gracing your green space. 


Dees Nursery-Long Island-whats the hype about hibiscus-perennial hibiscusPerennial Hibiscus

If you want a hardy hibiscus to stir up some serious interest in your garden, a perennial variety will keep those colors flowing every season. Hardy in zones 4–9, perennial varieties include the popular ‘Summerific,’ or Rose Mallow variety, and boasts irresistible shades of red, pink, purple, and white. Hardy varieties of hibiscus are easier to grow than tropical varieties, tolerating harsher climates. Even though these hardy varieties of hibiscus look delicate, they are tough plants and can withstand freezing temperatures without any excessive coddling. 

Some of our favorites in the perennial category include:

  • ‘Kopper King’: coppery red leaves on top with orange underneath and pink gradient blooms.
  • ‘Lord Baltimore’: intense pure crimson blooms and lobed leaves.
  • ‘Luna Rose’: deep rose-colored petals, a ruby eye, and dark bushy green leaves.
  • ‘Midnight Marvel’: deep scarlet red flowers and wine-colored foliage.


Dees Nursery-Long Island-whats the hype about hibiscus-tropical hibiscusTropical Varieties

Native to Asia, these vibrant beauties thrive as perennials in zones 9–12. If you have your heart set on growing and caring for these tropical varieties but live in climates that like to dish out regular snowfalls, don’t worry! You can keep these varieties as container plants and pretend to live somewhere sunny and warm all year round. 

Bring your delicate blooms indoors during the winter months and ensure adequate warmth and light. Tropical hibiscus tends to be quite large and likes to show off its bright colors. You won’t go unnoticed with a few of these in the mix!

Some well-loved tropical hibiscus varieties that will bloom all season include:

  • ‘Cajun Cocktail’: blooms orange and yellow flowers with green foliage.
  • ‘Magic Moments’: blooms dark orange, changing to golden brown shades with the sun. 
  • ‘Bedazzled’: deep orange blooms with dark green foliage.
  • ‘Aphrodite’: large pink flowers with leathery leaves.


Dees Nursery-Long Island-whats the hype about hibiscus-shrub hibiscusShrub Hibiscus

Often known as the Rose of Sharon, these bushy, woody little beauties are cold-hardy in zones 5–9, packing a great punch of color and attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden! This type of hibiscus grows taller than other varieties, making them perfect for a landscape design that needs to trim a fence line or draw in some wow factor near an entrance. 

Some stunning shrub varieties to shop for include:

  • ‘Azurri Blue Satin’: true blue flowers, a red eye, and broad ovate leaves.
  • White Chiffon’: crisp white blooms with broadly ovate leaves.
  • ‘Ruffled Satin’: pink ruffled flowers, a burgundy eye, and glossy green foliage.
  • ‘Lil Kim’: white blooms with a prominent maroon eye and dark green leaves.


Now that you know a bit more about the revered hibiscus flower and some of the beauty they have to offer, you can start preparing your garden or containers to bring a few home. Although the flowers on hibiscus plants only last a day, they will continue to bloom all season with the right care. They are also beautiful flowers for your little garden ecosystem, enticing an array of crucial pollinators to your yard while bypassing the curiosity of nosey deer

Want to know more about what hibiscus varieties we have for sale? Come by The Dees’ Nursery in Oceanside, NY, for all your binge-shopping needs today, or even if you just want to talk about flowers. We like talking about flowers—it’s sort of our thing. Happy hibiscus shopping!