Obviously, we love all flowers, but if they only last a few short weeks, it’s kind of a buzzkill! If you want long-lasting color, choose repeat-flowering, easy-care varieties that bloom all through the summer season. That way, you can enjoy the spectacle all through patio season, and you won’t be left wanting more—unlike that show Firefly, which tragically got canceled far too early. 


What Flowers Stay in Bloom the Longest?

There are so many amazing flowers that bloom all season long—some are perennials that come back every year, and others are annuals that look fabulous in summer pots and hanging baskets! Here are our favorite flowers that burst into bloom in early summer, then keep on chugging all through the season.


Knockout Roses

This award-winning shrub rose lives up to its name—it knocks other roses out of the park! With an incredibly long bloom time, incredible disease resistance, and so many colors to choose from, this rose has serious star power. On top of that, they’re some of the best roses for beginners in terms of care and maintenance. Plant them in the landscape, garden beds, or containers—they’re so versatile!


dees nursery-thunbergia climbing flowers

Also known as the Black-Eyed Susan vine, this creeping annual has adorable five-petaled flowers and contrasting dark centers. If you’ve got a lattice patio wall, you absolutely have to grow Thunbergia—it will fill the space with beautiful blooming vines so quickly! It’s great in hanging baskets, too—the vines trail downward and twist around each other. 



Easily one of the best perennial flowers that bloom all season, Daylilies are super popular in urban areas because of their tolerance to pollution and poor soils. Technically they’re not real lilies—they’re Hemerocallis—but we don’t hold that against them because their gorgeous blooms and long-lasting color are simply unmatched. 


Dees Nursery -Summer Flowers that Bloom All Season Long-delphinium flowers

There’s something so magical about tall, icy-blue delphiniums dancing in the breeze. They’re perfect for borders along fences or the very back of the garden. They also make great cut flowers, so if you want to bring some garden beauty indoors, you can make your own DIY bouquets using Delphiniums! 



Who doesn’t love Petunias? These summer annuals explode into blooms, growing more and more voluminous as the season progresses. They’re a favorite for hanging baskets because their long vines cascade downwards and keep on growing until cold temperatures arrive. You won’t believe how many different colored varieties there are—some are striped like pinwheels, some look like starry night skies, and others have airbrushed ombré effects that look too beautiful to be real. 


Dees Nursery -Summer Flowers that Bloom All Season Long-marigold flowers

These sunny golden beauties are downright adorable in flower pots. If that long-lasting color wasn’t reason enough to love them, they’re also great for repelling garden pests, making them amazing companion plants for vegetable gardens. But wait—there’s more! The flowers are edible, and depending on the variety, their petals either taste citrusy or spicy. Some folks call it the “Poor Man’s Saffron”—a sprinkling of petals adds a similar aromatic flavor to savory dishes.  



Flowers that bloom all season are pretty awesome already, but how about flowers that bloom all the way until frost? Echinacea, or “Coneflowers,” are native perennials that resemble colorful daisies but with big, bulbous centers that bees and butterflies love. And yes, this is the same Echinacea you can find in cold medicines and cough drops, so you can brew soothing herbal teas out of your Echinacea flowers if you’re feeling under the weather. 


Dees Nursery -Summer Flowers that Bloom All Season Long-tiger lilies
Tiger Lilies

We love the exotic flair that Tiger Lilies bring to the scenery, and the fact that they last so long makes them all the more loveable! Make sure you cut a few to bring inside for bouquet arrangements. They prefer moist, well-draining soil, so spread some mulch to prevent the soil from drying up too quickly. Tiger lilies perform best in full sun, but some partial shade from bright afternoon sun will be perfectly fine. 


We have plenty more flowers that bloom all season for sale here at Dees’ Nursery on Long Island. Feel free to ask us for recommendations based on your favorite styles and colors—we have so many gorgeous options to show you!