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5 Reasons to Warm up to Cool Vegetables

  1. Start your garden early with fresh, homegrown vegetables.
  2. Save cold, hard cash vs. supermarket prices.
  3. Great way to extend the growing season.
  4. Fewer problems with insects and heat stress.
  5. Great way to get kids outside gardening and eating their veggies!

5 Cool Foods for Thought
You might think of the growing season as the time between frosts. But vegetable gardening doesn’t have to wait until warm weather to be in the forecast. Cool season vegetables are heartier varieties that tolerate, and even thrive, in the cold soil of early spring. For many gardeners, April marks the best time of the gardening season. What’s really important is soil temperature–it must be in the 40’s for cool season vegetable seeds to grow to maturity. The soil is starting to warm up. read more