Your yard might be buried under a few feet of snow right now, but that’s not going to stop you from being a horticultural hero! Protect your landscape from the snow and keep it looking attractive all winter long with these helpful tips:


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How Can I Fix My Landscape During the Winter?

If you’re struggling with the snow and the cold this year (and we know you are), your focus is likely on keeping things safe and snug around your winter landscape. Maintenance is key right now, so before you settle down with your hot cocoa, pick up that snow shovel and get to work with these landscape snow tips:

  • Clear your snow: You probably saw this one coming, but you should aim to keep snow off your driveways, decks, garden paths, rooftops, flower beds, and evergreens to avoid excessive water build-up. Snow can make even hardy trees cold, especially if they’re young, so dust them off wherever you have easy access, regardless of whether you wrapped them up warm for the winter. Also, if you use salt or other de-icing methods on your driveway, sidewalks, and other paths, make sure it doesn’t come into contact with your landscape. 


  • Prune the dead stuff: Many of your trees and plants will benefit from a good old-fashioned winter pruning, so go ahead and chop off those dead branches now to boost their new growth come springtime.


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  • Spruce it up: Yes, you really can make your landscape look pretty in spite of the snow and the sludge! Textural plants and trees alongside your evergreens add some awesome vibes to an otherwise drab, snow-covered landscape. Think about adding some berry plants in there for a pop of color or some of those really cool tall grasses like pampas, miscanthus, or feather reed that peek out over the snow and catch the ice for a spectacular winter portrait. Get creative with it and show those winter blahs who’s boss! 


  • Mind the cold: To stop your shrubs and evergreens from getting that nasty winter burn, shield your plants from cold winds and plummeting temperatures whenever possible. Long periods of exposure to extreme cold can make winter plants a little cranky! If some of your plants do get stuck with the burn, it’s best to cut off any affected branches in the spring. 


Dees Nursery-Oceanside-Managing Snow to Keep You and Your Landscape Safe-mulching gardenHow Can I Prepare My Landscape for Winter?

If you live in the Oceanside area, you know that getting your yard ready for snow is an annual event, and if you’re not ready, you might lose a few of your favorite garden friends. Ultimately, the best way to help your landscape survive another winter and all that snow is to be prepared; knowing your climate and keeping tabs on the health and cycles of your plants will make it much easier to keep them safe during the colder months. Here are a few extra tips to help you get your landscape winter-ready: 

  • Mulch it: Give your gardens a winter coat and help them retain moisture during the dry, cold months by insulating them with new mulch, wood chips, or raked leaves. This barrier keeps moisture in the soil, where it’s needed, but also prevents mold growth from excessive water and snow. 
  • Tuck in your tenders: Who are you kidding: you know your tender annuals won’t survive out there in all that snow. Just bring them indoors!
  • Cut back climbers: Cutting back plants that die for the winter will allow them to conserve and restore their energy for the growing season ahead and keep your landscape cleaner during the winter months. Many varieties of roses, clematis, and several other plant species benefit from a good fall pruning in preparation for a snowy slumber. 
  • Plant trees: You may not believe us, but many types of hardy trees – like fruit trees – are best planted right before winter, before the ground gets too cold for them to settle in.
  • Get your decks in a row: Weather permitting, you can also use this time to take care of some larger projects throughout your landscape before the colder temperatures fly in, like tending to decking.


These simple tips will have you loving your landscape all year long, even when it’s covered in snow! If you’re still unsure about how best to tend to your winter landscape in Oceanside, NY, drop by Dees’ Nursery & Florist for some more landscape snow tips. We probably won’t have any hot cocoa ready, but we’ll definitely have plenty of ideas to keep you and your gardens going through winter!