Chrysanthemums, or “mums,” are the definitive fall flower. How could you not love them? However, they’ve been the *it* flower for pretty much forever, and it wouldn’t hurt to see some fresh takes on an old classic. We don’t want mums to start feeling like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Here’s a little inspiration board of remixed and reimagined mum designs featuring our favorite fall plants for 2022. We added some bonus care tips at the bottom to keep those chrysanthemum arrangements certified gold all season.  


These Mum Designs Are Topping the Fall Charts in 2022

These ain’t your grandma’s mums. We analyzed the top design trends for fall 2022 and pulled together some floral design concepts that will elevate your autumn curb appeal to a whole other level. 


Trending Color for Fall 2022: Deep Emerald and Cool White

Minimalist palettes can stay in 2020—sorry, Chip and Joanna. There’s no fun in all-beige-everything! Today’s top designers are exploring richer, more mentally stimulating, bold color palettes without being ostentatious. Deep emerald and forest green tones are dominating the scene. Dark greens feel artistic and effortlessly sophisticated when paired with cool, icy whites and raw wood accents. 

Plant white mums in deep emerald planters, with a few smaller raw wood pots in the mix to add some contrast. For a little extra flair, grab some white and green pumpkins and gourds to arrange in and around your planters.  


Dees Nursery-Long Island New York-Mums The Word-chrysanthemums and ornamental peppers
Red Hot Chrysanthemum Planters

Choose plants and containers featuring fiery reds and oranges to complement the fall scenery surrounding your home. Crank up the saturation by 200% for a vibrant and invigorating display that stands out while still sticking with the traditional autumn color scheme. 

Ornamental peppers are one of our favorite accent plants to pair with mums, as their blazing red and orange fruits glow like tiny torches. Some other great autumn annuals with bright fiery colors include celosia, crotons, and coleus.


Tall Topiaries

Are you tired of the same old rustic autumn displays featuring gratuitous amounts of burlap? The tidy, perfectly spherical shape of chrysanthemum plants makes them perfect for topiary-style displays. Find outdoor plant stands with a tall, slender base and a heavy bottom to keep them weighted down and stable. Flank your front entrance with a matching pair. They’re a sleeker—and dare we say, fleeker—alternative to your typical rustic fall porch decor


Dees Nursery-Long Island New York-Mums The Word-chrysanthemums pansies and ornamental kale
Cool Jewel Tones

Purple is one of the most underrated autumn colors. So many trees and shrubs turn purple, and plenty of gorgeous plum-colored annuals thrive in cool temperatures. Purple pairs beautifully with teal and navy shades—an ultra-satisfying jewel-toned palette that brings cool contrast to warm-toned fall scenery. 

To add some jewel-toned opulence to your landscape, pick up some navy blue planters. Fill them with purple mums, purple fountain grass, and purple and teal ornamental cabbages and kale. 


Dees Nursery-Long Island New York-Mums The Word-woman pruning chrysanthemum
Basic Fall Mum Care

One of the reasons why mums continue to be so popular for autumn is because their care requirements are so simple. They prefer consistently moist soil, but since temperatures are cooler, the soil doesn’t dry out nearly as quickly. Place your mums in a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sun per day, and you aren’t likely to encounter any issues. Apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer as soon as you bring them home to keep them looking lush and bright all season! Deadhead spent blooms regularly to encourage those mums to keep reblooming until frost.  


Dees Nursery-Long Island New York-Mums The Word-man hiding behind chrysanthemum flowers
You won’t have to look far to find
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