Yard work might not be your favorite way to spend an afternoon, but it doesn’t have to be a drag! It would be great if we could just snap our fingers like Mary Poppins and sing a jaunty tune, but unfortunately, mysterious nanny magic doesn’t have much of an effect on yard work. Instead, go through this checklist to make your outdoor garden chores as easy-breezy as possible. 


Break Up the Yard Work into Chunks

Seriously, this might sound like an unremarkable suggestion, but it really does help! Making a checklist with every small task written out will help to make the work seem much more manageable at first glance. Start with just one task, and before you know it, you’ll be in a great work groove and feel super motivated. Checklists are a great tool for preventing procrastination! Plus, every time you cross a task off that list, you’ll get a little burst of dopamine: the feel-good brain chemical that occurs from things like completing tasks, eating sweet food, and laughing at something. 



Dees Nursery -How Not to Hate Yardwork-tools for gardeningGet a Slick Set of Tools

Old, ineffective tools are just going to make your job more difficult. Some decent yard work and garden equipment will help reduce the effort and difficulty of physical tasks. Plus, you can’t help but feel like a pro when you’ve got a sweet set of tools in your kit. Just imagine you’re in a farming video game like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, but in real life! 


Invest in a Good Quality Hose

A hose with a comfortable handle and several spray settings will make it easy to water your yard and garden, wash your windows and hardscapes, rinse off your car, and clean your gardening equipment and containers. Make sure the hose itself is durable and free of holes—there are few experiences more irritating than getting sprayed by a leaky hose while trying to complete yard work. Make sure to properly coil and store your hose between uses to prevent it from getting damaged.  


Dees Nursery -How Not to Hate Yardwork-comfy patio furnitureComfy Patio Seating is Essential

For all that yard work to pay off, you’ll want to create a space where you actually enjoy hanging out. Comfortable patio seating will ensure you’ve got a spot to relax between watering the plants and mowing the lawn. You’ll be happy to sit back and admire all the hard work you put into making the yard look pretty!


Curate a Spicy Playlist

Whether you want some chill lo-fi beats to breeze through yard work, some death metal to release your inner angst while pulling weeds, or some classic video game soundtracks to bring on the farm simulator vibes, a yard work playlist is an absolute must. Put that at the top of your yard work checklist so you can start your tasks with something fun!


Dees Nursery -How Not to Hate Yardwork-cocktail drinkLevel Up Your Summer Drink Game

The first rule of yard work: stay hydrated! It’s sunny out there, folks. Tasty beverages are a necessity. We recommend picking up some herb plants for the garden. You can use them to make fresh summer cocktails or water infusions! Basil, mint, lemon balm, and rosemary are some of our favorite herbs for adding flavor and aroma to cold drinks. If drinking your daily recommended 8 cups of plain water feels like a chore, mix in some tasty herbs and sliced fruits to turn your regular water into a low-cal, flavorful summer treat.  

Dees’ Nursery has all the tools and equipment you need to make yard work on Long Island a piece of cake. Visit us soon to stock up on all the essentials for summer 2022!