There are many members of the squirrel family, tree squirrels, flying squirrels, ground squirrels, chipmunks, prairie dogs, and woodchucks. They love to dig holes in lawns and gardens in search of roots, bark, leaves, flowers, fruit, and nuts. These cute critters also like to stock up supplies, burying nuts and seeds to help them survive harsh winters.

Squirrels spend much of their time in trees looking for food, having their young, seeking shelter, gathering food, and escaping predators. We humans have altered the landscape forcing squirrels to use almost anything that resembles a tree to hide from predators, seek shelter, store food, and raise their young.

Squirrels will give birth at varying times of the year, depending on the species and location. Females will give birth to between two and five babies weaning them at 12 weeks. The mother usually drives them away soon after that and may raise another litter of young before the fall.

The squirrel pose, sitting still, with their tails over their backs to cover their bodies keeping them warm in winter and cool in the summer. Contrary to what many believe, squirrels are almost never responsible for transmitting diseases to humans. Squirrels’ behavior is in fact good for the environment.

Are You Aware That:
Squirrels often forget where they stored their supply of seeds and nuts for the winter. This unclaimed supply often take root, establishing trees and other plants in new locations. Squirrels play a vital role in sustaining and expanding plant communities and ecosystems. Imagine how many trees have sprouted because of squirrels’ short memories.

Squirrels and Your Yard:
Squirrels rarely damage plants. They are only active during the day making it easy to see for yourself if squirrels are responsible for damage to plants and vegetables. Of course, if you know the damage occurs at night, you can rule squirrels out and should focus your efforts on nocturnal animals in your area, such as raccoons and opossums. To keep squirrels out of your garden you can use Bonide Repels All, an all-natural animal repellent. It is available in a spray or granular, simply apply on the soil surrounding your plants and trees.

Since squirrels love to dig they often dig up your bulbs! Applying Organic Blood Meal is a great solution. The smell turns them away and will protect your bulbs. Blood Meal is also an organic form of nitrogen for your bulbs. Apply every 2 months.

Squirrels & Your Home

Squirrels give birth at different times of the year depending on the species. They often use attics, chimneys, sheds,or openings under porches and roofs as dens to raise their young. To avoid separating young squirrels from their parents, squirrels should not be removed until the breeding season has ended. Trapping and moving the family is not recommended because it will almost inevitably lead to separation, and, as a result, baby squirrels may die.

When you’re ready to humanely remove the squirrels from your home, begin by inspecting attics and eaves to find openings where the squirrels enter and exit, concentrating efforts on areas where noises have been heard.

Seal the opening with mesh hardware cloth or sheet-metal flashing, securely fastened.Trim overhanging limbs to prevent access to your house.