Mother’s Day is coming up, and a macaroni necklace or handprint turkey just isn’t going to cut it anymore. You’re an adult now, and you have to step up your gift-giving game. If you want to secure your spot as Mom’s favorite child, scoop some of these garden plants for Mother’s Day this year. It’s the perfect time to get planting, and we have plenty of garden accessories to go along with all those gorgeous flowers and plants!


Make Your Mama Proud with These Amazing Plants for Mother’s Day

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a Pandora bracelet to melt Mom’s heart. Plants are beautiful, sentimental, and keep getting bigger and brighter with each passing year. Your siblings will feel pretty dumb for splurging on sparkly stuff when they see how excited Mom gets over your Mother’s Day Plant. Here are some top picks for Mama Bear’s May holiday:


Dees Nursery-flowering annualsA Wagon Load of Colorful Annuals

We love annuals because it gives gardeners the chance to experiment with new varieties and color schemes! Figure out what colors your Mom likes best, or look around her yard to get an idea of the color palette. Then, visit us at the garden center and make your picks! Look for plants with similar care requirements that will live happily together in the garden, and stick to 2–3 main colors to keep everything looking nicely coordinated.  



Some fragrant lavender will be a fabulous addition to Mom’s garden. That relaxing scent has powerful aromatherapeutic properties, and there are endless creative ways to use it. If she’s a crafty type, she can make lavender-infused simple syrups, candles, satchels for infusing the scent into her bed pillow, creams, and salves—the list goes on! Plus, that purple color is downright dreamy.


Hot Pepper Plants

Pump up Mom’s tires with a hot pepper plant and a little card that says, “For the spiciest Mama on the block.” Boom, nailed it. Pepper plants have loads of ornamental value, with brightly colored peppers that always bring the fiesta vibes. Plus, if she’s into spicy food, she can use them to make homemade hot sauces! 


Dees Nursery-soil prep kitSoil Prep Kit

Ensure Mom’s new plantings are as healthy and nourished as possible by picking up one of our soil prep kits for Mother’s Day! It’s got everything she’ll need to enrich the soil with all the necessary nutrients and healthy bacteria to strengthen your plants and speed up their growth.


Dees Nursery-hanging basketsHanging Baskets Full of Trailing Plants

If Mom has plans for sunbathing and sipping drinks on the patio this summer, then pick her up a hanging basket or two! Trailing flowers and plants create a canopy of fabulous color that hangs overhead, and they grow so fast! If you know her favorite color, come down to Dees’ and find some hanging baskets with flowers to match her ideal aesthetic. Some of our favorite hanging basket plants for Mother’s Day are Petunias, Calibrachoa, Fuchsias, and Bacopa. 


Dees Nursery_-gardening toolsGarden Gloves, Shoes, and Tools

Don’t let Mom spoil her fresh manicure or stain her cute shoes by digging around in the garden! A cute set of garden gloves and shoes will definitely be put to good use this spring. We have plenty of tools and kits as well—good quality tools make all the difference when you’re gardening, reducing strain, and preventing injury for both Mom and her plants!


dees nursery-fresh floral arrangementFresh Floral Arrangements

If you want to go the traditional route and get Mom a beautiful bouquet, we have plenty of stunning Mother’s Day arrangements, complete with a glass vase she can keep forever. The spectacular color and fragrance are just unmatched—there’s a reason flower bouquets are a classic go-to gift!

To see our full collection of plants for Mother’s Day 2022, visit us at Dees’ and browse the greenhouse. Alternatively, you can pick up a gift card for Mom and take her on a shopping spree—nothing beats quality time with her favorite child, after all! Visit us in-store, and we can issue a gift card in whichever denomination you’d like.