Annual Of The Week – Sun Parasol Mandevilla


Who wants an amazing plant that gives you giant colorful blooms spring thru fall? Who wants a plant that will do equally well in a planter, hanging basket, or something that will climb a trellis like Spider Man climbs buildings? If that is you then you need the New York Yankees version of the Mandevilla vine. The Sun Parasol Series! This season you can hit your own grand-slam by planting this crowd pleaser in your garden.

Mandevillas are the perfect choice for the garden enthusiast that wants an easy to grow tropical in their garden. We have them in three colors. Pretty Crimson which is a bold red. Pretty Pink which is a soft pink, and Bold White. They produce bell shaped flowers in abundance that covers the entire plant when in full bloom.

Mandevilla prefer a very sunny location but can also handle a part sun area. The Mandevilla prefer moist well drained soil. They work great as a centerpiece of a container as long as you give it a trellis or obelisk to grow up. They also do well in a hanging basket. In the garden you can let them climb a trellis or arbor to create and amazing focal point in the landscape. It is hard to say the exact height or width they will hit because it depends on how you use it, but it can climb to a height of 10-15 feet that will also make a beautiful natural privacy screen.

Beneficial characteristics of the Mandevilla are how they have very few pests and diseases, and they have excellent heat tolerance, and are vigorous growers. This is one easy and versatile plant to grow.

When first planting the Sun Parasol Mandevilla in your flower beds, incorporate into the soil rich compost such as Bumper crop, along with some peat moss. This will provide a perfect soil foundation for new plants that can retain water and nutrients. Also add Espoma Bio-tone Soil Conditioner with beneficial mycorrihizae. This will help establish a large healthy root system. If you are going to use them in containers or hanging baskets use a good container mix such as our Dees’ Potting mix. Fertilize them every two weeks with a liquid feed such as Miracle-Gro.

Any way you choose to use it, the Sun Parasol Series of Mandevilla is sure to become a favorite of all who grow them. It will reward you with a non-stop splash of color that is super HOT! Try one today.