Our backyards are extensions of our living space, and we have every right to relax out there and enjoy the sunshine. Whether you want to catch some rays next to the kiddie pool, take a nap in a lawn chair, or barbecue in your boxers, chilling in the backyard is always a good time—but it might feel kind of awkward if you sense the lingering gaze of nosy neighbors. If you want to feel comfortable to kick back in the yard and do your thing, then planting trees and evergreens will provide you with the privacy you deserve!


The Best Trees for Privacy from Neighbors

Plant these lush, green, fast-growing trees to shield your backyard from the judgmental gaze of cranky Judith from across the street, so you can keep watering the plants in your underpants, as is your right. 


Twisted Brilliance Arborvitae

This vibrant evergreen is perfect for modestly sized backyards! They’ll grow far taller than your fence yet remain slender and compact, so they don’t take up too much space. With no pruning required, this attractive evergreen is a great low-maintenance option for privacy hedges. 


Dees Nursery - Trees and Evergreens for Backyard Privacy-canadian hemlockCanadian Hemlock

Hemlocks are a popular choice for families—the branches are soft, and don’t have the prickly sharpness of other needled evergreens, so your kids aren’t at risk of getting poked. This evergreen tree is one of our bigger varieties, reaching a maximum of 70’ at maturity, but regular pruning can keep it a more manageable size. Pruning will also help your Canadian Hemlock grow even thicker, so Judith’s prying eyes won’t be able to see a thing through the branches. 


Blue Point Juniper

If you like cooler color palettes with rich blue undertones, the Blue Point Juniper will look gorgeous as a privacy hedge in your backyard. It has a similar appearance to the popular Colorado Blue Spruce but is much smaller, so it’s better for mass planting. Plant a series of Blue Point Junipers for a sleek, uniform hedge, or plant it amongst an assortment of other evergreens and shrubs to create a mixed privacy screen with plenty of color and texture.


Dees Nursery - Trees and Evergreens for Backyard Privacy-Autumn Gold Maidenhair TreeAutumn Gold Maidenhair Tree

Beloved for its sunny golden autumn leaves, this variety of Ginkgo Biloba is absolutely breathtaking. This deciduous backyard tree will reach a modest 25-35’ high with fan-shaped foliage lush enough to create an effective windbreak. The leaves will fall off in winter, but you probably won’t be outside in your skivvies when it’s snowy outside, so it still makes an effective privacy screen when you need it. 


Columnar Norway Spruce

The ultra-dark green foliage of this attractive evergreen will bring fabulous contrast to your backyard when planted alongside other privacy hedge plants. With no need for pruning and a neat, upright growth habit, your Columnar Norway Spruce will remain attractive and tidy with barely any maintenance required. They thrive in urban conditions, making this evergreen perfectly suited for city living!


Dees Nursery - Trees and Evergreens for Backyard Privacy-boxwood shrub privacyCommon Boxwood

An ultra-luxe evergreen with glossy green leaves, the Common Boxwood is a favorite for a reason. The foliage is so dense and thick that it’s perfect for backyard privacy, and you can easily prune it into whatever shape you want! Plus, you can take the clippings and create pretty DIY decorations like wreaths to accessorize your home. 


Kindred Spirit Oak

If you love the look of the signature lobed leaves of the oak tree but want something more slender and compact for a privacy hedge, look no further than the Kindred Spirit Oak. This gorgeous specimen is surprisingly svelte yet super tough so that it will withstand storms, droughts, poor soil conditions, and even the occasional flood. Line your backyard with this handsome tree, and enjoy the freedom to let loose! 

No matter the size of your backyard, we can help you find the perfect trees and evergreens to create an effective privacy hedge. Then, Judith from across the street will have nothing to gossip about—except for your preposterously pretty backyard. Visit Dees’ Nursery to explore all our trees and evergreens for sale, so you can enjoy your backyard whenever you want, without feeling obligated to put on pants first.