I know it sounds crazy to think of spring 2017, but fall is the time to plant flowering bulbs like Daffodils, Tulips, and Hyacinths for color in your garden next year. If you plant these beauties in groups of six, six inches deep, you will have awesome color in six months. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

These are early bloomers that grow best in clusters. They like as sunny a location as possible. Dig a hole 6 inches deep and place them with the pointy side up, spaced a few inches apart in groups of 6. Usually you can see last years roots on the bottom of the bulb. When the bulbs sprout in 6 months, give them plenty of water. When they finish flowering do not cut the foliage back until the leaves brown out naturally. Another great benefit is squirrels do not like them.

These are more early bloomers that grow well in groups of 6. They also need to be planted 6 inches deep with the pointy side up spaced a few inches apart. When they sprout in 6 months, give them plenty of water and only cut the foliage back after leaves brown out naturally.

Nothing is better then the great scent of the Hyacinth plant. It has spring written all over it. I am going to stay on point and not stray from my promise to you. Plant these 6 inches deep in groups of 6, and in 6 months you will see them and smell them in your garden. As always, give them plenty of water and sunshine.

When you plant any bulbs you need to fertilize for maximum results. The bulb is an energy-packed root.  Using a great root builder like bone meal and Espoma Bio-Tone will definitely give them the head start they need for a successful season. If squirrels are a problem, I suggest using dried blood (yes you read that correctly). Dried blood goes down as a granular fertilizer. Squirrels are mostly nut eaters and hate the blood of other animals so it makes them stay away. The best part is that dried blood is an organic form of nitrogen which helps the flowering bulbs grow much better.

I know most of us like instant gratification. Unfortunately you don’t get that when you plant bulbs in the Fall. What it does give you is a great deal of satisfaction. Not only at the time you plant them in September and October, but also the following spring when you see the results of your hard work. And it always pays off after a long cold winter!