There’s nothing worse than uninvited guests, especially when they destroy your favorite houseplants! Not only is it incredibly rude, but it’s also heartbreaking to watch your innocent plant babies struggle with these pests. Thankfully, here at the Dees’, we know all about vanquishing our plants’ foes with these amazing products designed for just such houseplant pest emergencies. If you need help identifying what pests you’re dealing with, bring in a sample of your plant in a sealed baggy or a picture and we can help!


What Long Island Plant Pests Should I Know About?

Knowing your enemies makes you a stronger and more strategic opponent, so before you come to Dees’ for pest control, let’s talk about the most common types of houseplant pests on plants, how to spot their villainess ways, and how to beat them for good: 

Dees Nursery-Oceanside-How to Beat Houseplant Pests-mealybugs


These tiny, white, moisture-sucking houseplant pests leave little cottony nests lying all over your plants, so it’s pretty easy to spot an infestation. If you spot a mealybug family moving in, you’ll need to act quickly; these unwanted house guests spread fast, meaning you’ll be hosting the entire extended family in no time. For a swift destruction of the mealybug, you can’t beat Bonide Insecticidal Soap or Neem Oil. 





Dees Nursery-Oceanside-How to Beat Houseplant Pests-spider mites

Spider Mites

A spider mite infestation will have your houseplants looking like a haunted house gone wrong in no time: these little pests are fast movers that spread their cobweb coating over your plants in a hurry. They generally favor houseplants requiring some serious TLC, so keep your plants happy and don’t overwater to avoid inviting these pests into your home. If you spot their webby coating, or the mites themselves, give your plants a gentle mist and wipe with the Bonide Neem Oil Fungicide, Miticide, & Insecticide Concentrate. If you’re looking for more targeted treatment, we also carry Bonide MiteX, which works like a dream!


Dees Nursery-Oceanside-How to Beat Houseplant Pests-aphids


Aphids are gross, and they really enjoy sucking the moisture from your plants like teeny tiny vampires! With their multitude of colors, it can be hard to identify an aphid infestation, but if you find their characteristic “honeydew” trail (aka bug poop), you know you’re on the right track. You’ll often find aphids terrorizing both your indoor and outdoor plants, but worry not! All you’ll need to beat these houseplant pests is a good dose of Bonide Insecticidal Soap or Neem Oil. 




Dees Nursery-Oceanside-How to Beat Houseplant Pests-fungus gnats

Fungus Gnats

Another annoying critter you might find buzzing around your houseplants is the fungus gnat. These household pests love nothing more than a pot full of wet dirt, so if you indulge in frequent houseplant waterings, it can be hard to beat them. While the adult gnats don’t actually harm your houseplants, their ravenous larvae certainly do, gnawing away at their delicate little roots. To beat these houseplant pests, coat your houseplants’ stems, leaves, and soil with our super neem oil and insecticide products. Covering your plants’ topsoil with pebbles or gravel and letting it dry out in between waterings are other great ways to discourage fungus gnats from laying their pesky, itty-bitty eggs.


Dees Nursery-Oceanside-How to Beat Houseplant Pests-scale on cactus


Scale insects, with their hard little shells keeping them safe, might be your toughest pest opponents yet. Scale infestations can often look like a fungal disease to an untrained eye; however, don’t be fooled. These houseplant pests hide beneath their tough exteriors and suck the moisture from your plants for sustenance. Scale infestations can be beaten by cutting off badly infested branches and leaves or rubbing infected areas with neem oil or insecticide spray. 




Dees Nursery-Oceanside-How to Beat Houseplant Pests-whitefliesWhiteflies 

Whiteflies are sneaky little creepy crawlies, indeed! It can be tough to spot the minuscule yellow eggs of these nuisances, as they often lay them tucked away on the underside of leaves. However, if you’ve been actively warring against houseplant pests for some time now, you’ll spot them in no time. Like their cousins, the aphid, whiteflies also leave a trail of sticky bug poop for you to find, and can be easily beaten by rubbing your plants’ leaves with Bonide Neem Oil!



The best way to win your war with houseplant pests is to take good care of your plants. Healthy houseplants make much better warriors against pests and other unpleasant situations. You can help ward off future attacks by simply keeping your houseplants properly watered and making sure they get the right amount of light. If you need more expert guidance on beating houseplant pests in NY, drop by Dee’s Nursery and Florist for more tips and tricks, as well as all the insect control products your little plants desire! If you’re still a little lost on what kind of pest your dealing with, bring a sealed sample or an image with you and we’ll help out.