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Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant is a great houseplant that is easy to grow and thrives with indirect bright sunlight.


• Water: when needed, keep soil moist.

• Light & Location: Indirect bright light

• Temperature: 65-85º


• Fertilize: Every 4 weeks

Available in-store most of the year.

Common Problems of The Rubber Plant

  • Curling Leaves may mean underwatering the plant
  • Black Stems or yellow leaves may mean you are overwatering
  • Yellow leaves could mean you need to fertilize or too much direct sunlight
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Product Description

The Rubber Plant is a very popular as a houseplant that you can keep small and controlled with proper pruning but also let it grow into a large tree that can be the focal point of your indoors. It is very popular as a houseplant because even if you’re a beginner you can have success growing this plant. The shiny leaves make it very interesting in your home.

Growing Conditions:

-Place in a bright location inside your home that has indirect sunlight.

-Keep soil moist and allow the plant to dry out between watering. Check the soil with your finger or a pencil tip before watering.

-Fertilize once per month with an all-purpose houseplant fertilize.

-Prune off dead leaves as needed and prune tall branches as needed when plant gets too big

-Too keep the plant on the wider side and not tall prune regularly

When planting in a container follow these instructions:

-Select a sturdy container 1-2 times larger than the pot it came in. You can use any good planter made of ceramic, terracotta, plastic or wood. Make sure your planter has drainage holes.

-Use quality potting soil like Bumper Crop Gardners Gold potting soil.

-Add water slowly and saturate the soil just after transplanting

-Place near an indirect source of light inside your house.

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