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Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant)

Monstera is a great houseplant that is easy to grow and will help pull toxins out of the air in your home.


• Water: when needed, Let dry out between watering.

• Light & Location: Indirect Light

• Temperature: 65-90º

• Fertilize: Every 4 weeks

Available in-store most of the year.

Common Problems of The Monstera

  • Curling Leaves may mean underwatering the plant
  • Black Stems may mean you are overwatering
  • Yellow leaves could mean you need to fertilize or too much direct sunlight
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Product Description

The Monstera, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, is a very easy houseplant to grow that will give you years of enjoyment. The monstera originated from the rainforest and because of other vegetation growing above it, the plant adapted and developed the holes in the leaves to allow sunlight to shine on the lower leaves and branches.

Growing Conditions:

-Place in a bright location inside your home that has indirect light.

-Keep soil moist and allow the plant to dry out between watering. Check the soil with your finger or a pencil tip before watering.

-Fertilize once per month with an all-purpose houseplant fertilize.  Yellowing leaves can sometimes mean a lack of fertilizer.

-Give the monstera something to grow up using either a moss pole or stake.

When planting in a container follow these instructions:

-Select a sturdy container 1-2 times larger than the pot it came in. You can use any good planter made of ceramic, terracotta, plastic or wood. Make sure your planter has drainage holes.

-Use quality potting soil like Bumper Crop Gardners Gold potting soil.

-Place the monstera in the center of the planter with the crown of the roots just above the soil line.

-Add water slowly and saturate the soil just after transplanting

-Place near an indirect source of light inside your house.

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