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Cordyline features multi color leaves that will grow 3-4 feet in height and bush out to 3 feet under proper growing conditions.


• Water: when needed, keep soil moist but not soggy.

• Light & Location: Full sun

• Temperature: 65-90º

• Fertilize: Every 4 weeks

Available in-store most of the year.

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Product Description

The Cordyline plant is an amazing container plant for outside on your deck or patio or inside your home as a houseplant.  They will produce amazing waves of colorful foliage, especially as a centerpiece of an outdoor patio planter or garden. They have beautiful colorful leaves throughout the year.  If you have never tried to grow one, this is your time. They are extremely easy to grow.  Any Cordyline is a must have for your patio to replace the standard Dracaena spike in your planters. They can grow to 3-4 feet high.  By mid October you should start transitioning the Cordyline into your home as a houseplant and keep it in the sunniest location in your home.

Growing Conditions:

-Place in a sunny location inside or outside your home. Cordyline will need at least a half day or more of direct sunlight.

-Keep soil moist but not soggy. Let the soil go slightly dry but not bone dry between watering.

-Fertilize once per month with a water-soluble fertilizer like Miracle-Gro or a granular like Espoma Plant Tone.  Yellowing leaves can sometimes mean a lack of fertilizer.

When planting in a container follow these instructions:

-Select a sturdy container 1-2 times larger than the pot it came in if you are using it as a stand-alone plant. If you are using it as a centerpiece just center it to add symmetry to your creation. You can use any good planter made of ceramic, terracotta, plastic or wood. Make sure your planter has drainage holes.

-Use quality potting soil like Bumper Crop Gardners Gold potting soil.

-Place the Cordyline in the center of the planter with the crown of the roots just above the soil line.

-Add water slowly and saturate the soil just after transplanting

-Place on a sunny location on your deck or patio or near a sunny window inside your house.

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