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ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is a great houseplant. They have beautiful unique foliage; they can grow to a decent size and require very little maintenance. ZZ plants are also an excellent indoor air purifier.  Enjoy it in your house for years to come with very little worry. You don’t need a green thumb to have success with this plant.

It is a tropical plant native to East Africa. Its name derives from the botanical name Zamioculcas zamiifolia which was difficult to say, hence the name ‘ZZ”.


• Water: Let the soil gets dry between watering

• Light & Location: The plant likes bright indirect light. Try not to put in direct sunlight.

• Temperature: 65-85º

• Fertilize: Every 4 weeks


Plant in a loose well drained soil like Bumper Crop Gardeners Gold potting soil.

Available in-store all year round.


The ZZ has very few problems. It never gets diseased however keep an eye on common houseplant pests like mealy bug, scale and aphids. If you get one of these insects to infest use Bonide Neem Oil.

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